One big conundrum?

My ex texted me this morning saying she wanted to get back together with me and make love to me, saying she misses me. I sent her an e-mail saying I wished her well but I didn't want anything to do with her. I told my girlfriend all about it (except for the making love part from my ex). My girlfriend became super jealous and asked me to decide, which wasn't necessary because I love her to bits. My question is: Did I handle it right? If not, what could I have done differently?

Need your help again, people. I tried to help her sort out her professional life. Was it my place to help, or should I have just listened to her?


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  • It sucks your girlfriend didn't appreciate your honesty. She might be a little insecure, but her reaction will probably make you reluctant to be just as honest next time around.

    I think you handled it really well, and I say, you shouldn't change that part about you simply because your girlfriend can't handle it. A relationship where honesty is punished will have a hard time thriving.

    It's a good quality to have and I hope she learns to appreciate it.

    • Latina girls are jealous by nature, hardly surprising because latino guys are in general cheating SOBs. On top of that I think she has abandonment issues because her dad ran off, so she's not the most romantic girlfriend I've had either. I think she needs to realize that neither am I latino nor will I ever run off away from her. I want a future with her.

    • Well, you definitely hit the nail on the head with that one. Daddy issues do affect the way a woman loves her man. I used to be like her. I think she lucked into finding you anAstor longer you stick around and prove your love and loyalty, the better she'll get...unless she pushes you away.

    • I'm hoping with time she can learn to be more romantic. I made some mistakes before her (I don't want to talk about them but she knows what they are). She asks me once in a while if I'm going to bail on her, so I hold her and look her in the eyes and I say to her: "I'm not going anywhere. I love you!" Yesterday, I told her I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, and I do.


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  • You did they right thing by being honest with her about the situation, as much as you did hold something back, you knew it would really throw things for a loop, so your girlfriend is being silly, there's no need for you to make a decision, you did! Maybe taking it a step further and blocking further emails or messages from happening would put her mind at ease a little.

    If that doesn't work... your girl is crazzzaaay. This shouldn't be that big of an issue.

    • I put her mind at ease by saying (and this is true) that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. It being a long distance relationship, trust is more key than usual. I wanted her to know that I wouldn't even dream of cheating, especially with someone who cheated on me. Yes, I held back on the whole ex wanting to make love to me part, because latina women are so jealous by nature. I just wish my ex would leave my alone and let me live my life.

    • block her, make it happen. if your ex won't let up, you have to take necessary steps to protec t your girlfriend and your relationship.

    • If she contacts me again, I'm going to the police.

  • If your talking about the ex, You shouldn't even be talking to her at all. Especially if you know that she likes you . If that was me and I'm the girlfriend that's grounds of termination.

    • My ex texted me, I don't want that at all. If I wanted my ex to be a friend but ONLY a friend, my girlfriend should not have a problem. Now if I wanted my ex as something on the side, I wouldn't even tell my girlfriend. My girlfriend and I are very much in love.

    • I just gave my opinion, But I still don't believe in communcating with exes at all especially when you know she still likes you and want more. Once you leave it in the past let it stay in the past that's what I stand on. It doesn't matter if she texted you first or not you didn't have to respond , But you ask our opinion and I gave mind. I can't tell you how to handle this , I can only tell you how I would have handled it.

    • I did NOT respond at all, in fact I deleted the text.

  • You definitely did the right thing. Your gfs jealousy is just natural. Everyone wants property rights declared. She just wanted to hear you say that you are basically on the same wave length as her.

  • Yes you handled it right, Your girlfriend comes first. But always be totally honest with her , Because you never know if the ex might tell her things.

    • Thankfully they don't know each other. I'm in a long distance relationship (we live in different countries), but my ex lives in town. I was happy to see my girlfriend jealous - not because I'm a selfish pig, but rather it tells me she really does love me, even if she doesn't always say it.

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  • There was never any need to say anything to your current girlfriend, but all you need to do now is just tell her you have no interest in the ex and you're blocking her number.

    • I go by a "no secrets" policy, and yes my girlfriend knows she's the only one for me.