How do I show more affection to my boyfriend?

Were 16 abd have been dating for 7 months and we kiss and hold hands and that sort of thing. He has also touched me while we were making out. He recenlty told me that he feels he shows morea ffection than I do. I know that one thing I can do is initiate the kissing and other things. But I have no idea how to be more affectionate towards him...

My mother was never affectionate with my father or even with me. I Haven't had a hug in years. I do love him very much. I just need to know how to show it more without just saying it.


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  • By "affectionate" he might just mean sex. Sounds to me you're being plenty affectionate. Be sweet and do what you normally do, just always be careful.

    • He has recently bought condoms and I told him I wasn't ready. he said he is fine with that. yet he bought them anyway... Should I be worried?

    • Well you know for sure that it's on his mind. Just be sure to keep good communication. If you are waiting until marriage, tell him. If you just aren't ready for it, tell him! Again and again! Don't do anything you don't feel comfortable doing.


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  • give him dome, 7 months is long enough. Don't give him a handjob, handjobs suck.


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  • try just going up to him when he is sitting down on the couch and cuddle with him. Bake him cookies or something. Do little things that you know he likes. They don't have to be big just subtle things. If all else fails ask him what he wants, I'm sure he'll be more than honest about it