Confused about my relationship?

Well I have a boyfriend and were 10 months together in September were going to be one year together ! and were very happy together ! We have out ups and downs but it's normal ! He's older Dan me .. and my parents don't like him and won't accept him !:/ .. On the other hand my ex came bak and started textin me and started comin to visit me in my house ! With my ex we were going to be 2 years together and we loved each other so much! He was my first ! and so was I ! We were going to have a kid together but I had a miscarriage:/ sadly ! My parents love my ex! We've been talking .. and my feelings toward him are comin back ! I told my boyfriend ! Tht I have feelings for my ex in a way ! and he got really upset and started drinking .. and I don't know Wth to do !:/


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  • Sometimes it's easy to confuse your parents desires for your own. I'm sure your parents appreciation of your ex is starting to rub off on you but you have to remember that you're the one in a relationship with this guy, not your parents! They don't know everything that's going on and therefore will never fully understand the relationship dynamics like you do. If you like your current boyfriend and your parents have no clear justification for disliking him (i.e. he's not abusive) than you should focus on what you want and forget your parents. Also you and your ex probably broke up for a reason, it's easy to forget when you've spent time apart but try to remind yourself of that.

    • Yeah that's totally true! Like my dad and I got into a big argument because of my boyfriend ! N he said he was really disappointment in me ! Sayin that he's ashamed of callin me his daughter !thats how much ! My dad dislikes my boyfriend ! N he's not abusive at all ! He's a really sweet ! Guy with great feelings and a big heart ! N my ex and I broke up because his aunt used ti tell him that I'm not good enough for him ! And he deserves something better than me ! N he listened to her..

    • Sounds like your ex doesn't have much of a backbone. I'd want my boyfriend to stick up for me and have my back, all the time :) You're dad sounds pretty intense about not liking your current boyfriend. Did he give you a reason? Think about his reasoning carefully before you take any action.


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  • if he's a man (your current boyfriend) he will dump you. if not, he's not a man, and you don't really wanna be with a chump like that. or do you?

  • Just don't lead him on. Pick one or the other... period. And just tell them how it is (The Truth). First love is always hard to get over. I disagree with the other answer. If someone feels strongly about them they don't give up on them like that...and that is all he would be doing if he broke up with you.

    • Thats wth I've been doing ! Like my ex got a girlfriend too ... N he said he broke up with her but he still got their pict up on Fb .. So I don't know ! I just don't want to hurt my current boyfriend because he has been by my side in thick and thin

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