Is it bad to talk to other guys when I know my male friend likes me?

Don't really know how to phrase this but here it goes

This past year at college I met this guy who was in a few of my classes. We've slowly started talking and now its an every day thing. I'm pretty positive he likes me, like he'll make comments about me being attractive, and a bunch of other stuff. I can imagine myself liking him too. but atm, he's residing in florida so its not like I can hang out with him in the summer to see if anything would happen. but we refer to each other as friends.

so here's my question. should I feel guilty talking to other guys? or going on casual dates like, I don't know how to approach this situation. because he's never admitted to liking me, but he hints at it. he's very very very very respectable and very very very religious so I kinda know that he's not playing me.

and I can see myself with him as more of a long time type relationship when you're ready to settle kinda thing.

but atm, I'm not really sure if I want that so ill go on casual dates and ill talk to other guys but nothing ever comes from it.

but is this bad? should I not? when I tell him about some of them he gets silent and doesn't say much. but ag, idk.

This boy and I are dating now and he is absolutely wonderful to me :) thank you for your advice!


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  • I think that is bad if you go out with guys knowing that your male friend romantically likes you. Unless you're willing to tell him up front that you do not like him or that you are not ready for a long term romantic relationship with him since he is a good friend of yours, then it would be mean to go out with other guys without letting him know. However, I think that you should try to form a romantic relationship with your friend. After all, just because you're in a long term relationship with someone doesn't mean it can't have great flavor and substance. Also, it's not like you're getting anywhere with the casual dates with other guys. So why not try this avenue when all your other avenues have led you to dead ends? I think you should give your friend a chance since he seems to like you and I think you like him too especially if you're willing to come to this website to ask a question regarding his well-being. I hope my advice can give you some peace of mind and best of luck figuring out and solving your situation. Hope you find happiness! Keep me posted! :)


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  • you can't help who likes you. If you want to pursue a relationship with him, than do it. long distance can work if you put the effort in to it. But if you don't feel that way about him, than you shouldn't feel guilty. If he really cares about you he'll respect your feelings

  • he definitely likes you. maybe alot. I'd stop if you don't want to make him sad.

  • Just ask him and stop d***ing around. I'm pretty sure he'll say yes.


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  • There is no reason to feel guilty. You can talk to other guys and go on dates. I just wouldn't tell him about it anymore