If a guy and you are great in person, but he never contacts you?

I never hear from this guy, he has my number (he asked for it) and in person whenever I approach him we enjoy our time together and there is definitely chemistry there, but he never contacts me and sometimes when I approach him he seems too "busy" with work or some other things so I get the feeling that he's hinting he's too busy to spend time with me or something. If a guy seems really busy working all he time or always seems to have to be somewhere is that his way of saying he's not interested or why would he ask for my number and flirt with me but then not follow through asking me out and playing hot and cold?


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  • I think it depends. He may just have a bunch of stuff going on in his life, and maybe he's intending to contact you but he hasn't found the right opportunity yet.

    Or maybe he's shy about that stuff. Like he doesn't really like calling.

    I think it depends also whether he literally has never once tried to contact you, or he does contact you but it's not that often. If he sees you enough, then he doesn't have to call you all the time, right? But if he asked for your number, then he should try to call you at least once. You know, to make sure you actually gave him a legit number. Most guys will call just to make sure.

    Of course, he doesn't have to do it right away. He can wait a week, or two. Maybe longer. Unless, of course, he told you when he asked for your number that he was planning to call you. Then he should call you with-in 72 hours, and it's very bad if he doesn't.

    As a general rule, the most bad sign is if the guy makes promises but doesn't keep them. That means he doesn't care about you. But if he's not making any promises, then it's a bit harder to analyze.


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  • If he were interested he'd let you know he was. Best to just move on and see if he tries to contact you again.


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  • He might really be busy with work. And I can trully say that I hate talking on the phone and texting I don't do it often and when I do its for a short time. I just rather see the person in face.

  • he wants you as an option but you are not his priority

    or maybe he is unavailable