He wants to take me to a sports bar for a first date.

Idk. This guy is weird. We met online and he just acts weird with his affections. One day he seems like he really likes me and the next he's making some excuse why we can't go. He wants to take me to a sports bar and grill for our first date. And now he's trying to cancel on me. Always some whiny excuse for why he's not good enough Go me or how he's got a lot going on. And he said its a hassle to go on the date. He asked me out but I feel offended. Almost like he doesn't even want to take me out. Am I wrong to be offended That he wants to take me to a date that seems like I'm one of the guys?

And this ass just sent me a d*** pic. I told him to screw off. He then started the manipulative guilt trip. I'm glad I didn't ever go on a date. He's psycho. I'm never being set up again.


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  • This guy is too wishywashy. I would just back off for awhile and let him come to you. If he wants to try again then you'll know that he's sincere. If he breaks it off again, or has another lame excuse then it's time to drop him and move on. If I'm into a girl I know that I don't make excuses and try everything to do something with her. One other thing...are you sure he's not married? I only ask because it does sound really weird now that I read it again.

    • Well he's friends with my friend. And no he's not married. I kinda wonder if he's not bipolar or something. So it's not like I just found him on a site. He went to high school with my friend. So idk.

    • Ok that's a step in the good direction. I'd try backing off then and see what happens. Good luck!

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  • Dump him quickly, he is not worth it he is not a real man. Real men would should you some affection first before introducing you to his friends, even though you may not have anything in common with his friends at least you will know the type of friends he hangs out with.

  • I'm guessing he isn't that smart if he can't figure out girls don't really like sports like football you should probably suguest somwere if he has any girl skills he should figure it out

    • Ya I suggested somewhere else. I think the guys a joke honestly.

    • He must be a joke I take hints from my girlfriend and she's my first so just decine unless you wanna have fun at this sportsbar and by fun I mean getting stared at by groups of drunken guys hahahaha

    • To bad he's a psycho I hope you find someone better

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  • Yea just stop seeing him. You obviously don't like him and he does seem a little off. At least you can say you gave it a try and he wasn't for you, no shame in that. Just move on and if he asks you out again just tell him you met someone else or aren't interested.

  • Drop him, and drop him now. If he's flaking now then it will only get worse. Sounds like a whiny bitch to me. I can't stand guys like that. I dated a guy once from a website and on our first date I paid for the meal (which isn't that big a deal) because he lost his wallet. He never reciprocated it to me ever. Every time he'd make plans to take me out he'd end up with some lame excuse why he couldn't so I finally told him to screw off. Find a guy who will actually really be into you and take you on a proper date, not some excuse making p****.

    • Lol what a freak! Tell him if he contacts you again you're putting that picture up on the Internet haha. Good for you standing your ground. You don't need to be with a manipulative weirdo like that.