Why did my girlfriend's brother react this way?

I asked my girlfriend did she really want to marry me or did she really want to marry to get out of her parents house. She started crying and her brother got involved, he said, "what the f*** did you do to my sister, she's crying her eyes out because of you!" I told him, "I didn't know that question would make her cry, I made a mistake" then he said, "mistakes my ass you piece of sh*t I thought you were a good guy but you now her cry, next time before you say stupid sh*t that makes her cry and word." That was 4 months ago, and I haven't forgotten that he said that even though he apologized what do I do. I'm black and my girlfriend and her brother are Italian, I'm 22, she's 21, and her brother is 24.


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  • That's what brothers do. My brother is 2 years older and has always been protective.


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  • All my brothers(there's 12 of them) are really protective. And have reacted like that's before when a guy hurt me so that might be it.

  • he's an older brother...he's protective

    she cries & he hunts down the guy


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