A hookup or more? Boys please help!

Alright. So I was at a little party thing with my friend. (there was only 4 of us total) And we were getting pretty wasted. Everyone still knew what they were doing though. So my "guy friend" Kyle past out and my other friend Dominic carried him to the bedroom. He was kinda awake then and he told me to come lay with him. So I did and we ended up messing around. making out and more. but not doing actual sex. He remembered everything in the morning to though. So the next weekend I went back over to another one of their small party things and he wouldn't look at me or even talk to me.We would make eye contact but he would look away. what's up with him?!


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  • Probably embarrassed over how he acted and not sure how to deal with the subject with you.


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  • I think he is embarrassed on how he acted towards you, for the next while it's probably awkward for him.

    • It doesn't seem like he feels awkward about it. He's always making sex jokes with his friends and stuff.so I know he's probably not shy about any of it.

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  • he is embarrassed he probably feels awkward because you are just friends.