Ignores me for a month and now talks to me?

i was talking with this guy for about 2 months and he kept asking me to hangout but thing kept getting in the way and it kept cancelling. then one night I asked him if he wanted to come to my place to hangout and he said yes the day before.. then on the night we were texting and he texted me that he'll call me soon about when his coming over... he never called and then 5 days later I texted him ask how he is and he didn't reply... now about a month of him not talking to me he writes me on fb say "what you doing tonight beautiful?" and I haven't replied... but wtf why did he do that? and he also pretty much told me he wants to date me right before he stopped talking to me


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  • He lost interest in you after you kept turning him down. Now that you gave him the slightest bit of attention, he only thinks about you when he's horny.

    • i didn't turn him down? most of the time he cancelled because he forgot he had training or slept through the whole day and forgot that we had plans and then a couple times I was sick... but this one time I asked he said yes and then he just didn't comeover

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  • he's a player. that's what. stay away.