Guys in their 20s, from your experience do girls nowaday text or call a lot?

I'm just curious since I'm not American, and would like to know from your experience how women behave, generally, during the dating phase.

I'd like to clarify: do they appear too clingy to you? Do they OVER text, or call?


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  • I AM 17, but have had my experiences.

    I honestly like when my girl/friends text/call me. It makes me feel like they actually CARE about me and that their taking the initiative and being different since I didn't have to contact them. Now the times I see clingy is when I either tell them that I don't share the same feelings, or if they send text like:

    "Hey!" (I don't reply)

    "Hey! What are you doing!?" (I don't reply; because I'm busy)

    "Oh so your not going to talk to me now! :p" (Still busy)

    "If you didn't want to talk just tell me... :("

    Stuff like that get's so annoying because I plan to talk to them but they blow up my phone with these random remarks, which then looks clingy. So if you call, GREAT! If you text also great.


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  • 25 here. Everybody texts. My generation predated myspace, we were the xanga / geocities generation. Junior high - pagers were the thing. High school, cell phones. So all the girls around my age are infatuated with texting, since it came out during high school.

    • Woops...totally read that wrong, Lol. Sorry, kind of uneven at the moment.

      Uh, they text, and I just can't tell age difference with texts. I get texts from a 45 year old that look exactly like texts from a 14 year old, smilies and everything.

      I don't think that's clingy, but then again, I'm the type that would prefer to hold my gal all day every day. If they're busy and you keep texting, then yea that would seem like over-texting.

      Keep them short. Texts require taking eyes off whatever we

    • we're doing and focus on the text, so keep them short.

      Otherwise, if I'm not busy, I still prefer the phone call. I want to hear my gal's voice, not read her feelings translated into text.

    • sweet :)

  • I haven't met a girl yet who was an over-texter or caller, but I know guys that have. Basically I just want her to have a life of her own so that texting me isn't taking up a lot of her time. Makes the ones you do get more meaningful.

  • You don't want to be like most girls in America, They're confused and disoriented all the time lol!

    The ones who are interested will call and text a lot. But the rest are trash, just ignore them and hope they die.

  • Girls in their 20's text a lot...

  • yes too much

  • Guys are guys no matter what age and Nationaltiy


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