Can you like and pursue someone and then abandon them?

I've known this guy for about 6 months, at first, we were just friends, after about 4 months, he started showing signs that he likes me, he's ask me if I want to go on a date, buy me dinner and stuff. I guess it was just mutual (or maybe it was just me) that we're dating, since he'd text me and ask: Can we go on a date this weekend?

However, after about 2 months, he called me and told me that he didn't want to continue. He said he liked me but wanted to give up.

I was upset so I didn't contact him for about 2 weeks. I realized that I still like him a lot, I told him that I like you really a lot, and asked about his feelings. He said I don't, sorry. And I asked what about the beginning? Have you ever liked me? He didn't answer.

I really don't understand. I did my best to tell him how much I like him, how much I wanted to be him, but all he was so cold about it. :'(


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  • Change of mind or he found someone else or something you said or did was the deal breaker or he was playing the field.I believe when this happens it's for the good,you will meet a better someone:).You could feel that this is so mean but what is more mean is when someone has since lost interest or changed their mind but continues to act interested so think of him with mercy because at least he was honest.I was once in this situation and now I actually laugh at myself now but at that time I was really made at felt disrespected and for me it was the meanest thing because he was the first guy I thought I was interested in,so you can imagine after having lots of guys I was uninterested in pursue me.


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  • He found out some things about you he didn't like, and of course doesn't want to tell you what they were..Try asking mutual friends if you really WANT to know his reasons! Better to just move forward and work on improving yourself, we all have shortcomings.

  • Not at all. No


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  • He could have possibly only wanted you for sex if he pursued you then quickly backed off..have you had sex with him yet? Guys unfortunately do this at times but these aren't the guys you want to be dating in the first place. I was dating a guy who would show me all the affection in the world and then he just stopped. He would compliment me anymore and stopped showing me any affection. I felt horrible but I realized that he was a complete a**hole and I deserved better. There are guys out there who will pursue you and continue to show you love and keep growing in love and keep showing you more. If I were you I would delete his number and forget he exists. He's playing some kind of game that you do not have time for and your way better than this!

    • No, not yet. I figured out whatever the reason is, I don't need to cry for him anymore, I should, and will try to let go. Thank you :)