Have you ever acted hot and cold with after a few dates and if so, why? Guys I want to hear from you.

Guys I want to hear from you - Have you ever acted hot and cold with after a few dates and if so, why? Please be as detailed as possible :)


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  • Never really gone on dates... But I have acted hot and cold often ^^. That's when either I don't know how to take the person, or simply because they got me a 2 very different times, eg one time I was in a good mood and then they caught me when I was in a bad mood.

    I guess if someone would act hot and cold after a couple of dates, either they're moody, or they're just kinda unsure about the person they're dating, not sure how to act toward them, weirded out/awkward, not sure how to take them etc...


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  • Yes, and there is a simple reason for it.

    My perfect world would be one in which I could go directly to a girl/women and tell her: "I like you. I really do. I like your eyes, I like that you are ambitious, I like that you are kind and that you respect people. Lets go out several time, give me several chances to prove that I deserve you."

    Last time when I did it I was friend-zoned (and I'm not a nerd and I look pretty good). If one is all the time "hot" he will be rejected or friend-zoned (if he's also a nice guy) in 90% of the cases.

    You girls need drama and also space. You missed and love a guy the most when he's not there. For you, women, there is no love without tears. There is no "i want him' if you don't feel rejected. This is my experience. And every time when I think: "she's different" I was wrong.

    So we are dancing exactly how you singing.

  • Sometimes after I've hung out with a girl a few times and talked quite a bit I'll lay off for a few days to see if she contacts me and to see if she is as interested as I am. If she contacts me I'll warm up and most likely won't do it again.

  • Nope, I'm still the same person lol.


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