He told me to tell other guys that I'm taken?

so I met this and we've been talking and texting, he already told me that he likes me a lot and I kinda like him too. he asked me if there's a lot of guys that like me and I said I don't think so. and he also said that he told me that he wants me to tell other guys that I'm taken... that's a good thing right?


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  • Yes.. that typically means that he wants you to stop looking or thinking about other guys (even if you're not already) because he wants to be the only one for you. Just make sure you tell him to do the same because you don't want to be caught in a position where you tell everyone you're taken, but he's still running around single.


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  • Depending on how you look at it. It means he is possessive, insecure, and doesn't trust you. If he trusts you, he would trust you enough to not cheat or anything of that nature. Now, assuming you two are together, which I don't think you are from the sounds of it, but I'm probably wrong in that assumption, people who usually worry about being cheated on, tend to cheat. From observation. Not always the case, but usually. Either way, he has baggage. That is a red flag. I don't know if you've seen others, but after 10 girls I've been with 2 being 'long distance', I can smell bullsh*t from a miles away. don't fall for it.


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  • yeah but just ask him straight out what his intentions are that he wants a relationship with you otherwise he shouldn't be claiming you.