What am I to make of this? help...

sorry it's so long..

so I hooked up with one of my brothers friends (my brother is totally cool with it) and his ex apparently just broke up with him after 4 years ish.. this happened about two months ago uhmm and yeah we hooked up after a party, and he told my brother the next day and my bro. was cool with it.. we hanged out a few times after that but he never calls or text me, he always go through my brother to see me, he'll be like, lets chill to my brother, and then asks if I'll be there... I've tried to text and call him a few times but he never answer... what am I to make of this? I've kind of decided not to contact him anymore, wait for him to do something now... I don't know what to do, and I don't even really know how I feel about him, cause we've never been out alone...


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  • I think he values his friendship with your brother, but at the same time, obviously likes you. If he is not responding to your advances and opportunities for contact, ask your brother if he could help out. If he is cool with you hooking up with his friend, that is very cool.


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  • sounds like he's worried about how his friendship with your brother will be affected and doesn't want any altercation about dating you.

  • Seems like he's trying to respect your brother by not going behind his back to mess around with you. I say just talk to your brother about it so that something may happen between to you.

    • i already did that. it's actually my brother and his girlfriend who's trying to hook me up with him. and I'm pretty sure he knows that, cause my brother and his girlfriend are really indiscrete about it..

    • oh well then I'm not sure what's his deal then. I guess I assume he would feel weirded out by it maybe? Idk.

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