Is my girl PMSing? She broke up

Well we are under long distance for the last couple months, last week she just flew out to Europe, where she hates it Because she has to be with family etc.

She told me her time of the month is supposed to be on the 25th July.

We were all okay until last 2-3 days she out of nowhere, asked for a break, pointing out the smallest dumbest issues. And then we didn't talk for 3 days.

I sent her a message saying "im still there for you bla bla" during these 3 days.

She read it today and came on the phone, and said I read your message I appreciate it but we should call it quits, I don't see us working.

so we talked for a bit, I tried to divert her attention and share some inside jokes, she's like "oh you can now have fun single" and she's giving me one worded answers.

So I stopped replying.

I told her that Europe is making you think differently. she's like yeah its making me think differently.

Is it PMS? she once told me her system is "royally messed" . What should I do? because she has no legit reason, like I never cheated on her, she just has minor things which she's pissed about.


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  • I doubt it's PMS and that's really a simplitic view on someone's personality and how various events can effect them. PMS makes us slightly crabby or worn out feeling, not break up with a guy we want to be with.

    Chances are, these things have been building up for a long time, and something has triggered her breaking point. Girls often try to hold back on things that bother us, hoping they get better or that we can work out a way to change them. Whatever is going on in Europe has brought the things that bother you about the relationship to the forefront.

    • I am not a fan of blaming anything on hormones but after my pregnancy I recognized how powerful they were in determining my mood. I also know when I am in a good mood I can overlook relationship issues and when I am in a bad mood, sometimes simple things hit a nerve and it can snowball into a big, nasty argument if my guy is also in a less than great place. I do agree that mood isn't enough to cause a break-up and she must have nagging concerns that finally came out.


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  • This is pretty simple. If it really is about a combo of hormones and hating her life right now, give her a week and see what happens. If she does not try to reach out to you in that week, she is probably not having a change of heart and this break-up could stick.

    I will say that it is hard to maintain a relationship long distance and I see that beyond this trip you say you have been LDR for the last couple of months. Emotional attachments are strained when you have no or little physical contact. There is something about hanging together, sharing experiences, and kissing, hugging, etc., that you cannot replace with phone calls and texts. We crave physical contact.

    I know my husband and I have our ups and downs and honestly the main way we get back on track is just hugging and saying nothing. It quietly reaffirms that we have a connection and allows any negative thing we have said to fade away. You cannot do that now, so you are at a disadvantage. Good luck.

  • Why do men blame stupid things on PMS? Our hormones don't make up break up with someone. In fact it makes it harder to do believe me. She already wanted to. Long distance relationships are incredibly hard and she might just be tired of it.

  • I wouldn't blame pms for it, it sounds like she really just wants to break up. it's a long distance relationship, perhaps she wants to date other people locally. maybe she's tired of maintaining it?

  • If a woman says no to you, there's definitely something wrong with her head, right? Dumbass.

  • Stop belittling her feelings like this. She obviously has legit reasons for not wanting to be with you, and they are not PMS. She's just not that into you. Get over it and move on.

    BTW when guys do this to girls, we do not attribute it to your PMSing. You just end it & move on.

    So, leave it and if things are meant to be, they will be. But it sounds like she's telling you "no, means no." You do know she has a brain & can think for herself, don't you? Well, seems she's made this decision & it's been coming for awhile if it's "things."

  • I say give her a week than contact her to make sure that's what she wants.

    Why do I say this?

    Because When I'm PMSing, I'm crazy. My hormones are all over the place. I say some bad things to my Boyfriend. I'm amazed how understanding and supportive he is with me during that time. But of course when afterward, I think about what I said or did and regret it and apologize. So hopefully thingy work out for you.


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  • I don't know what it was but with my ex every couple of months there was a falling out. She'd go off say that we should break up and then the whole angry thing with one word replys. After a couple of days everything was back to normal. It wasn't PMS.

    Once I remember I got so angry I drove to a friend of mine about 300 miles away and she texted me if I wasn't talking to here anymore and I told her that I didn't have time for her games and that I had left on a trip. And then suddenly everything was OK and she even wanted me to come home.

    So I don't know what was wrong but she never gave me a straight answer so I just wrote it off as something that happens every so often and didn't think of it much when it did and just waited a few days for it to blow over.

    That's what I did maybe I could have done something else but everything else I didn't have any effect.

    Best of luck and I hope you guys figure it out.