Am I crossing the line?

I am currently single and don't want a girl friend because I'll be moving in the next 6 months. However, there is a girl who I care about and she definitely cares about me too. I have told her the situation and that I don't want to get involved but we have been messing around for the past 3 weeks. Am I crossing the line by still hooking up with her knowing she really likes me but I see no future because I'm moving?

Or am I OK because she knows the situation


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  • "However, there is a girl who I care about"

    And there is your problem, you care.

    • having said the least you nailed it on the head. As much as I told myself I didn't care about her I couldn't ignore the fact I loved her. I know I only posted this a month ago but we are currently together and I couldn't see myself being without her. We'll see where this takes us


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  • you were clear. you told her.

    anyways 6 months is a long time. a lot of relationships, don't even last a month. if you like her, & she likes u, why not just be with her?

    are you honestly not wanting to be with her because you're leaving, or are you using it as an excuse? 6 months, is long , imo. its not a good reason to not be with someone. I think you just don't want to. that's fine, but be honest.

  • I think you have done your part in making it clear you are moving- it sounds like you are trying to protect yours and her feelings by trying not to get emotionally involved. you are not deceiving her.


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  • If she is okay with everything then let her talk about it. It is a possibilty that she might get over with you pretty easily as u've cleared things up. Anyways if she behaves like she would feel really bad or lonely then you guys should talk about things before if gets awkward.

    And problem is 6 months are quite a long time dude. If you guys stay together them a lot of things are going to happen in that time. It would be easy to leave if you guys are just in a friendship relation. And other option is she can also move in with u(if there is any chance).

    Ask her what she thinks about it. You should let her take the decision now.