Guys do you reply to a girl to be polite..

do you reply to a girls text, bbm or Facebook message to just be polite? this boy will reply to me quite fast but then will say like 'bye anyway, I've just gotta go ...' which gives me the impression he doesn't want a long conversation.

He's quite nice in these conversations, will joke, use smileys etc.

But I think he's just replying to be polite. Do you do this as a boy?

But then on the other hand I think well sometimes I ignore boys, or take ages to reply to them if I don't like them so if he doesn't like me at all why is he even bothering? As surely he wouldn't be bothered about looking rude?

What do you think is he just being polite?


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  • If he replies, he wants to talk to you.

    I don't think many guys in general reply unless they are interested in talking to you.


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  • Well he's replying, so I'd say he'd being not only polite but wants to talk to you. You must like him?


What Girls Said 1

  • I know how you feel! this guy is friendly in person but when I talk to him on Facebook he takes like 10 minutes to reply and he doesn't really talk back much and then he has to leave. I can't tell if I'm bothering him or what haha