After the first date, who should call first?

i know usually girls wait for a guy to call them after there first date, which will show if he's interested but is that how it suppose to go? or it doesn't matter who calls first but when do you do it? 2 days later? I mean, when is it good to call after the first date?

but what if we met off of which is a sexual site about hooking up? but we had great chemistry. we talked for hrs before hand and after the sex, he said he had a movie to go to with his friend at 1045pm and it was 950pm when we were done with sex.


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  • I'd say the guy should probably call first because it's traditionally the man that takes the initiative when first going out with a girl.

    If the girl left the date in her own car and drove herself home then the guy should call 30-60 mins after the date to make sure she got home safe, and if the guy dropped her off then he should at least call one or two days later.


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  • I would say you should text or call three-four days later give him enough time so he doesn't feel pressured or think you are clingy. Give him time and space.

    Just think what you might like, after the first date he drops you off at the house and leave won't it be weird if he called you that same day. I don't know what you are like but I would feel a little trapped and pressured for another date. He also might be shy and not want to bother you so text him in three to four days after the date.

  • The guy calls after the first date. If he doesn't then that means the date was bad or he's not interested anymore. The girl should NEVER call after the first date because say he wasnt going to call you anyway, now you look stupid. And if he was planning on calling you but you called him first you just look too eager.