Should I send him a message?

I saw a guy today that I haven't talked to for about two years. We both kind of looked at each other but it was never really at the same time, so we didn't say anything and I didn't look at him when I left. When we knew each other two years ago we were really close and he was like an older brother to me, but then he graduated and I haven't seen him since. I wish I would have talked to him today because I really miss him, but now I feel like it was too late. I want to send him a message on Facebook saying that I wish we could have talked, but I'm afraid it will be awkward. I sent a message to a guy I'm in a similar situation with a while ago and he never responded. I'm afraid the same thing will happen. What should I do?

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  • If he's on your Facebook and comes online just say hey _ haven't seen you forever blahbah. Or ask him a question if you know he has the same phone or something to start a conversation.

    • Btw I thought calling someone your brother meant you didn't have any interest in a relationship with them.

    • I'm not interested in a relationship with him. I just miss him.

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