Dating someone with a learning disability and ADHD?

I'm extremely torn...So I've been dating this guy for about 2 months now. he's a really good guy etc. but I found somethings out that I wish he would have told me. He has a learning disability, bi polar and has ADHD. The ADHD isn't a problem at all. Its the learning disability and bi polar..Ive noticed that its started to surface in our conversations. We went out of town and he was reading me directions yet he couldn't pronounce half the street names..sometimes in our conversations he can't keep up and will tell me I don't understand what you mean even though I'm being every clear..He can't even go to a doctors appointment by himself because "he doesn't understand their questions" One of the questions was what's your ethnicity? he's half white half Mexican. he didn't understand which one to put...i just stared at him...its just a question put something down and move on.I also find that he sometimes tries to correct me. he's half Mexican but doesn't speak Spanish at all. He can't pronounce Spanish words yet I can. We went to a Mexican restaurant and he proceeded to explain the menu to me, little did he know that I had already been to that restaurant and knew everything on the menu.Ive also been to Mexico several times and he hasn't but for some reason he knows WAY more then me...i don't know what to do...and it seems like all of his ex girlfriends have emotional/ learning disabilities as well. One of his exes who he always likes to tell me he was going to marry is in a Psych ward back east..i don't have any disabilities etc so I don't know what happened there.Hes a good guy but I need someone who can keep up with me...i feel like a bitch for saying all this lol but its hard. My friends say that I should give it another month and see how I feel but I don't know if I can last...


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  • The part that he wanted to explain the menu is something guys do lol they like feeling in control of the situation. If you corrct him is like busting their balls. You liked him before you knew so I don't see why it should change. Isn't there medication for bipolar disorders? He prob gets nervous and loses his calm mind when he is under pressure. But then again don't feel sorry for him cause is not fair for both of you guys. I honestly don't see what's the problem if he cares about you and treats you right. And wtf are you comparing yourself with the ex that's never good no matter what situation. Did you meet him and dated him right away? How is it that before you knew you thought he was "average" and know you blame his "disabilities" every time he has an issue with a word. Lol that happens to me where I'll mess up simple words not because I have a problem but because brain fart I guess lol. I would say look pass it and be with him because of his good things. Although if you're asking over here is because your mind it's made up and you want someone to back you up so you don't feel guilty.. If you don't love him then breakup and let both of you to move on.


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  • Love him for who he is. If he's not a complete asshole to you then be with him. Who cares if he has a learning disability. We all are not perfect. Just be in his shoes. If he breaks up with you because of your disability, how would you feel? You would probably hate yourself for fucking up the relationship due to the fact that you have a learning disability. It's not fair for him. At least he's caring.

  • i wonder if any of the girls he has dated, including you, were hot, cute, pretty, attractive girls

    • ummm I've been called all of those lol so hopefully they look decent...mentally they were a little jacked up. I'm not though..maybe I was the exception

    • yeah because I thought the hot, cute, pretty girls were far less likely to date socially-awkward guys

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  • You guys aren't a good fit. No need to feel bad about it, but you already know it's time to move on. Right now is supposed to be the honeymoon phase. If you are already feeling all of these things, it will not last or get better.

  • Don't feel bad at all! You liked him, and over the course of two months you slowly came to realize that you just aren't a good fit. Someone who seems like they'd be a perfect fit just aren't after you really start getting to know them. You're not being a bitch just because you don't like him. It's not like you had a problem with his disabilities, you just don't get along right and just aren't good fits. That's no one's fault at all. Some people just aren't meant for each other. Instead of giving it another month, I'd cut your loses and try again before you invest any more time, because you know that you won't be with this guy a year from now. If you end it now, you can start with a new guy who could be the perfect fit, instead of missing him by staying in a dead-end relationship.