Girls, if you have heavy chemistry with a guy?

What do you think of him? Do you see him as just a friend or more? I have been talking to this girl and we just have this great dynamic, every time we see each other and we both enjoy it. I'm starting to think that maybe I should ask her out, but I would like to get some opinions. What do you think when you are talking to him? What makes you go talk to him when he is just minding his business? I have never seen her act or talk the way she acts or talk with me. I've seen her with her friends, but even though she is relaxed and friendly, her interaction with them does not reach the amount of wit, sarcasm and smiles she displays with me


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  • i don't know its unexplainable really, that feeling doesn't come often, and it only happens with one guy, and every time I see him, the world around me disappears, I forget about everything else, and my mind just goes blank and the only thing I can think of is him, right in front of me, and there's this intense hope that someday, hopefully soon, we can be in each others arms, forever.

    • I felt that too until I didn't ask the person out. She lost interest and broke it off in a way that is really messed up. Ask him out

    • i asked him out but he got scared and made excuses...i felt rejected and backed off. :( sad story.


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  • It sounds like she likes you a lot. It sounds like me when I like someone lol.

    But even then, I can really like a guy and still be cautious about going out with him out of fear that it'll turn our relationship upside down and ruin it.

    BUT, that could be just a few people. I think you should take a chance.

  • chemistry is shared between two people, so if you feel it with a girl, there is a huge possibility that she feels it too! Don't waste your opportunity! go ask her out

  • Sounds like she likes you:) I would ask her out! go for it!


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