I can't get over the hurt of a "betrayal". Any advice?

I fell in love with a girl and later learned the hard way that no matter how much someone may act like they love you... well let's just say human beings are the only species capable of lying. it turned out she was the kind of girl who only fawned over people whom in her opinion were attractive. I learned this when she threw herself at one of my (now ex-) best friends, who is also a pretty decent looking guy. the thing is he's charismatic and a flirt and to him, playing around with her is nothing. but I'm not. I actually loved this girl; or who I thought she was. we were together for a long time for god's sake. basically they both went tiptoeing around eggshells with the whole issue which just hurt me even more. how can I just forget this incident? it's kind of traumatizing for a sensitive soul like me.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well I know how you feel exactly. But like someone said earlier, was your relationship okay? Everyone should realize that relationships will NEVER be perfect. There will always be differences and opinions involved which thus leads to problems, big and small. But girls are really sensitive and emotional. We thrive off emotions. So, something that's small to you, may be something enormous for her. Even the smallest things will make us run like little mice to the safest haven...She may still have feelings for you, don't assume that she doesn't. I'm not giving an excuse for her or women in general, but that's just how women work. We're so simple to understan d it's crazy how people say we're confusing when all we are is a sack of emotions. I know you're hurt like something crazy and to deal with her, I'd talk to her and ask her why. Just ask why. I'm pretty sure she's going to understand what kind of 'why' your're asking her and answer. Women will always tell a man what he's doing wrong when he asks. PROMISE. As far as the best friend, I'd let him go forreal. Enough said. I let my best friend go...lol.