I share an apple ID account with my brother. Does that mean he can see my texts?

Me and my brother share an apple ID account. He says that the apps I download from my ipod show up into his iphone . I use a text plus app and I send private messages to people. I was wondering if The conversations show up on my brother's IPhone . Please let me know ASAP because I really don't want him reading my texts. Also text plus comes with an account so you have to log in with username and password to view conversations.


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  • He won't be able to see the things in your apps (downloaded from the app store) unless he logs into your account and checks the history.

    Only the things from your iCloud (if you activated it) as in: photos, mail, contacts, calendars, reminders, notes.

    • Omg thank you so much, or else my ass would be on the line. Um how do you know this? ( just want to make sure it's true because I wanna be confident that you know what you are talking about lol)

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    • I talked about iCloud and the apps from the appstore.

      iCloud shares.

      Apps do not.

      Your good.

    • Thanks :)


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  • The first dude is talking about ICloud. If your using an app no I'm 99% sure he can't.

    • Ok makes sense because if he did then I would have been in trouble by now. So what makes you so confident though that it's not possible?

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    • Well iCloud is something that just connects your apple devices together for sharing. It depends on how updated your devices are too. It comes with all newer Apple products now and has for a while.

    • Oh OK thanks alot, noe I can get back to my life and stop worrying about this stuff lol :)

  • this happened to my friend they were texting each other and my friends sister saw all her texts

  • I saw all my sisters stuff. Texts, naked pics, you name it.

    • Holy sh*t... So I'm seriously f***ed... I have been sending stuff to guys.. How were you able to see it?

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    • I don't remember.

    • it was iCloud

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