A girl said she was thinking of me, but she has a boyfriend

she said that she was going to invite me to a pro baseball game, that her and her friends went to. I don't know if she is just trying to be friendly because she knows that I have a crappy/non-existent social life, or maybe she just wants to be friends. I don't know, why might a girl do that if she has a boyfriend. when girls are single and they say that they thought of you doesn't that mean that they might like you?


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  • Well, if she's in to you then that might be true. She first met her boyfriend maybe but since she saw you and realized that likes you, maybe she's making a way to know you more. She wanted to assure her feelings for you before making a move.

    • i don't know, we've worked with each other for 3 or 4 years, and she's had at least 3 boyfriends lol so I don't think she likes me in that way. and she is a year or so older than me so I would say that many girls don't go out with younger guys, plus her current boyfriend is doing his tests to become a lawyer so I got nothing that would make me a better choice lol

    • If that is the case, go on, be friends. But do not expect her of liking you as a lover. Just accept and treat her as your friend, no more no less. Just be yourself. You mentioned that you don't have social life, well its your chance then to mingle with other girls. But becarefull also, if you heared a news that she and her boyfriend is having a relationship breakdown, she might use you.


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  • She might like you. She might be trying to hook you up with one of her friends? The only thing I would do is ask her.

  • I smell trouble, stay away from her! She just wants attention and she knows that you'd most likely to validate her existential crisis. Seriously!


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