Girl you known for a while & attracted to. Smiles playfully & Says: "I want you to kiss me now." Would you?

You don't have a girlfriend.

Its in public.

You're attracted to each other.

You're not expecting it.

What would you do, say. Why would you?


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  • I pretty much kiss my wife sometimes in public... for years. We've done other things in public too, but I won't get into that.

    I suppose in your hypothetical setting, if I'm attracted with no girlfriend then probably yes.

  • Really depends when and where.

    New years eve countdown, of course.

    While hanging out casually with a bunch of his friends ( tricky! )

    All depends on if he has feelings for you VS just attracted and also how sophisticated this guys definition of romance is.

    And experience too I guess, he could be down right desperate and kiss anything.

    • you guys are alone, but its broad day light, outside of a store, on a frequented sidewalk. you might see people you both know.

      would you?

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    • My advise? Pull him around a corner and just kiss him. There's no need for all of these extra variables.

    • no. I'm asking because I'm curious how people think, in these situations. kissing someone, you can see the reaction. I'm curious about what happens in the mind.

      you brought up a lot of interesting layers.. so I was curious how you'd think about it in that situation.

      tho I do think pulling a guy around the corner, is a good way to go;-)

  • I am attracted to her? lol...Is a bear Catholic? Does the Pope sh*t in the woods?

    • ou wouldn't mind, that you're in public?

    • No..not at all...however..I am a very public person...(:(:(:..

  • Hell ya as long as she didn't have mouth herpies or anything why not

    • you wouldn't mind, your in public?

    • Hell no although I'm not a shy guy... I don't know depends the guy but personally I wouldn't care the slightest if people are watching but why would they be anyways...

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