Is he serious or just putting on an act?

I met up with this guy that I found on a site awhile back. He kept trying to meet up with me and I was very hesitant at first but finally agreed. I didn't even think the date would go that well but it went fantastic. We played mini golf which he paid for, then he took me out for dinner and dessert, and we had great conversations. He also couldn't stop staring at me the whole entire night and kept playfully hitting me. The night kept dragging out until we finally said goodnight. He was a gentleman and opened doors for me and was very polite/well mannered. After the date he texted me and said " I had a blast, thanks for a good night. You are gorgeous, surprised you're single". We decided to meet up again and went swimming and played volleyball. Again it was another great date and then he texted me saying that he wanted to kiss me so bad on the first date and then on the second date but he didn't because he didn't want to mess up the great night we had. He was also afraid that I didn't want to kiss him back. I thought that was cute. He has a great job in the medical field, he's 26 and I'm 20 almost 21 and in college, so there is a slight age difference. The thing is is that last night he texted me saying "Hey hottie". I know that is a typical line that a guy uses if he's a player or just wants sex. But if the guy is generally a good guy is that okay that he texted me that? now he keeps texting me saying "text me sometime then cutie". It's really getting me nervous because I hope he isn't trying to be a good guy to just get in my pants. Guys can you help me decide if this guy is legit or if he is just playing it smooth to get what he wants. He hasn't mentioned anything about sex and is always a gentleman but texts me this kind of stuff.


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  • I would say if he hasn't been obviously trying to get in your pants, no need to doubt him at this point anyways. I think those texts are just being playful, especially since you said he hasn't mentioned anything about sex.

    Don't focus too much on what he says, but his actions are what's important.


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  • Don't know, I dislike text, try to call. He sounds like fun, sounds nice.

    Does he want to get into your pants? Most likely, most guys would (like me).

    One reason I don't text is it is hard to be creative and easy to get misunderstood. Still do it because that is what some prefer.

    Go with your gut. See how things move along. Meanwhile enjoy :)

  • Continue the relationship and you will know if he is playing or not.


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  • I don't think you have anything to worry about. He seems like a very nice guy. Keep going out with him and having fun! See if he tries to make any moves on you. Don't do anything you don't want to. Don't sleep with him...until you are an established couple of course. It seems like he is getting more comfortable with you and more confident that you two have something going.

    He is older though so be careful. You seem like you are being careful though! :) Good luck

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