Should I call and tell him I'm in town?

Met a guy on vacation and became friends him. We both like each other, but I wasn't looking to hook up with anyone so we just kept it platonic We stayed in touch even after vacation. I had to work in the same city he lives in, so I called him and told him I'd be in town an we should get together, we did and ended going on a date and I call It a date because he said it was. we ended up sleeping together that night. He texted me the next day and said " he had a great time last night and hoped I was having a nice day." I'm going back to work for a couple of days where he lives And I just want to know if I should tell him I'm back in town and if wants to meet up again.


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  • Why not? From what you wrote it sounds like ya'll had a blast boo.


What Girls Said 1

  • Why not? The worst thing he can say is that he is busy or no. And if he does, so be it.