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Me and this girl dated for 3 months and I loved her very much. We broke up 3 weeks ago and I'm not completely sure why but I think it's cause she felt I might have not loved her cause I never said it to her. I did very much and never said it cause I was scared of how she would react. She told friends of outs that he loved me and was attracted to me a lot but she never really showed that to me through actions. I still love her even about a month later after we broke up. We're still cool and I just starte talking to her yesterday, we caught up and I told her I had something I've been meaning to talk to her about, that's where I left it. I want to tell we I love (d) her an that if she ever thought I didn't, that I truly did and I'm sorry for not saying it an that I really wanted to. Should I even bother tho? It's been bugging me the past 2 months to tell her and maybe I can figure out if this is the reason we broke up. But is it worth it?


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  • If you love someone, then tell them. If they don't feel the same way, then move on.

    Why hold back? People are afraid, and hold back, and then lose someone because of it, and end up hurt anyhow..

    But you should only say it if you mean it, not just to keep someone.

    • I do mean it, I've thought about it very thoroughly


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  • When you talk to her again be straight with her...tell her "when we were dating I want you to know that I loved you very much. I'm sorry I didn't come right out and say it to you but its the truth." Tell her how you feel ! If she values you as a friend and former lover she will respect that you had the balls to come out and tell her how you feel/felt.

    • I know that it would be way better to tell her something like this in person but she's very hard to work with as far as seeing each other in person and also I think it's be awkward

  • I would say tell her and tell her the ball is in her court, don't go out of your way to talk to her wait for her to come to you

  • I mean, If you really love her, Then you should go for it. I mean, You got nothing to lose now. (:

    • well I could lose a friend, and potentially creep the hell out of her

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    • YOLO* my point is, do you think they told her and she's expecting me to say it now?

    • She is. She might be thinking about it all the time. So why are you making her wait? Are you waiting for some other guy to take her?

      Just do it! At least you told her a piece of your mind(in a good way)

  • just tell her life is too short to put your ego in the way of expressing your feelings


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