Does he wanna start going dutch??

So I'm dating a guy who's a couple of years older than me. I'm still living the broke college life but he's graduated and has a stable job. We've already been out a couple of times, and he's paid for most of the things we've done. I'm starting to feel a little bad, but I'm still in school, I can't keep up with our regular expenses :/ think he would want to start going dutch anytime soon?

Thank you guys for answering, home cooked meals rock!


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  • I'm sure he'd be understanding of your situation.

    Maybe sometimes you could suggest dates which don't cost anything; then neither of you is paying out - whether you can afford it or not - and you're still getting to spend time together. Especially in the summer months there are plenty of opportunities to have cute, romantic dates which you don't have to shed a penny on. At least that way you're making the effort, but within your means.

    Cook him dinner, walks in the park, museums, picnics, art galleries, community concerts ... Doing things that don't cost money is also a good way of reassuring him (without having to have a potentially awkward conversation) that you value him, and his company, not his wallet.


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  • Well, based on the financial situation of you two, it's understandable why it is okay for him to pay more. But you should at least contribute something. It doesn't have to be an expensive restaurant activity. It could be just for an inexpensive lunch or something just to show that you aren't using him for money (which is the fear many men have in this situation).

  • How about you find any job, or a second job if your current one isn't good enough? Also, how about you suggest the two of you stop eating out and wasting his money if you can't contribute? You can cook for him if you like him. Show him that you don't see him as one big wallet.


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  • Explain your financial situation, and let him know that you would like to pick up the tab, but it is hard for you to do right now.