I chose to leave him alone... Did I do something wrong?

I supposed to talk with my boyfriend tonight, But when we just talked for a few minutes, he told me that he has done something I never agree with. So, instead of trying to talk with him I chose to leave him alone... Did I do something wrong? He hasn't even tried to look for me since then. If I am thinking of ending this relationship...will it be a big mistake later? I'm just a bit tired with the idea that he believes some things I hardly can believe...

Please advices...

My questions are:

When you find you are in a relationship where you and your boyfriend/girlfriend have different opinion on things... is the relationship still worth holding?

If you choose to let him/her go, will you regret it later?


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  • The question is: what is the question?

    I say that you should think it through carefully. What is your relation with him if he even doesn't want to talk to you about some things? I do have some little secrets but nothing that's important to the relation to my wife, just parts of my privacy I like to keep private. But if he did something you can't live with and then even tells you that he doesn't want to talk to you about it, then there's something seriously wrong with that relationsip

    • The situation is like this... We have some "things" which we don't have the same opinion. He believes those "things" are right to do, whereas I don't. I have let him some times ago that I don't agree with his views on those "things". He got mad with me because of it. For some times after that, he didn't do those "things" again, but just today he did that "thing" again. And when he told me about that, he seemed he didn't care what I feel.. I left the conversation, until now he hasn't contacted me


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  • If you regret it or not depends on what those differences are about. E.g. my wife and me have different opinions on what school we should send our children to but that's something we talk and then solve it.

    Other couples have a different opinion on whether to have children or not - and that's mostly unsolvable. You will regret if you find out the problem could be solved, you won't if that's not the case.

  • your English is terrible. I'm not even sure what you're trying to ask.

  • Not sure what your question really is. Nothing you typed makes much sense sorry.

    • It depends what things you disagree with. If it is a major difference in how you would raise a family, when or what kind of sex to have or where to live then maybe it is not worth it and you should move on.

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    • Sounds rude. anyway, thanks for trying to share your opinion.

    • You are welcome. Sorry if it sounds rude but I am correct. You can only change yourself and not others.

  • What is your question?

    • What differences are you talking about? If they are minor then OK but if they are huge differences of opinion such as religion and such then you need to mull things over.

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    • Then move on. You seem like you want a perfect guy (no such thing). You may want to find a virgin that can be told what to do.

    • thanks for trying to share your opinion

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