How do you find yourself in terms of dating?

Since I'm not very experienced in the dating scene because of inactivity on my earlier years - I'm 20 now- I don't think I've completely found what expression of my character works better when it comes to dating. In case you get things confused, I don't mean pretending to be someone else; it's just that I have different aspects of my character at times. For example, there are times when I have approached girls by being funny, but I'm afraid of being silly, too. When that fails, I try to be more charming and serious but then again, I get to serious!

I'm just desperate in that matter...I know I have to be myself, but my self has different definitions...there are times when I can be like Jim Carrey, and times when I can be like Daniel Craig, to put it that way. So I just don't know how to behave around a girl I like to show her that I like her by displaying the most interesting aspects of my character...So how do you actually find a balance in that?


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  • play off her personality.


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  • I change depending on who I'm talking to. Like if I'm at a club, I just go all out and be very direct. If I meet a girl that's more homely, I'll be more courteous and respectful in my approach.