Is 'playful' dating restricted to high-school only?

I tend to like girls that are very sweet, playful, funny, and light-hearted. Especially, I go crazy for a girl who might even wear the occasional bow on her head, or craves that teddy bear at the theme park. The thing is, I'm now twenty years old and I've only had one serious relationship with a girl from my school who was fitting to that type. I should also note that I like a girl who has the above behavior in sex, too. All in all, I'm attracted to girls with younger, playful characteristics. I'm afraid though that there are no girls around my age; from what I see, all of them care about how hot they will look in the club at night, and none of them wanting a fun night at the movies or somewhere else with their is it my idea or is this kind of girls/dating out of question in college?


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  • These people do exist!

    For a start, I'm one of them.. Where's the fun in going to a theme park and not coming home with a teddy bear? :P

    Seriously though, yes there are a lot of girls who simply care about how hot they'll look that night, but there are also a lot who would prefer staying in and having a laugh with their partner.

    Thinking to my group of friends it's probably half and half.. And we're mostly aged between 19 and 23 (=


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  • It's not I'm older than 18 and I love those fun dates and having a good time, believe me lots of girls are like me


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  • No, if you go out in a group you'll fin dplenty of people who just want tohave fun. It's hard when you are looking for someone to piar up with, though, because they think you aren't interested in bing funny or playful at that point. They get defensive..unless you are old friends.