Girls, what do you really want?

I know this question has probably been asked before but I'll ask it again. I was on Facebook and saw that this girl had posted something like "I just want to be treated right. I want a guy to do nice, cute, sweet things for me for once." and a guy posted "like the time I cooked you dinner? Or took you out? Or bought you presents, or rubbed your back til you fell asleep" and the list went on. And another guy posted "what's wrong with that guy?" and the girl replied with "Oh that's just Dan, we don't see each other like that.". It made me cringe. Girls, if you found a guy that treated you how you wanted to be treated why would you just totally blow him off like that? That seems so stupid to me. Do you honestly just not see him? I mean come on!


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  • I can't speak for all girls out there but I like sweet guys with balls.

    To explain myself: a guy that treats me with respect, loves me, shows me he loves me, can handle my loveydoveythings, loves me with my bad sides, doesn't cheat or is an a**hole. However, I like a guy I can fight with. Not physical though, but verbal. I don't like it when a guy is a doormat, when he says "okay dear" to everything I say or suggest or doesn't even listen.

    I want a guy who's a bit of a bad boy but a total sweety to me.


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  • Dan didn't create sexual chemistry.

  • GIrls ask for "nice" guys so they know who NOT to hump, which would be, nice guys. Its the process of elimination really.

  • Girls don't know what they want. They only think they do. That's why when they get what they said they wanted, it rarely if ever makes them happy.