Got a girl's number online, how do you progress to a date?

I got her number at 8pm, so I thought it was too late to set up a date. Do I text her tomorrow early, by sending just a few texts (like 5 texts) back and forth until she seems to fizzle, and then set up the date?


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  • We hate when guys wait forever so they don't seem desperate that rule needs to be thrown out the window because since we know guys do it we do it too and it's just this big mess of confusion.

    Just text her now suggesting a date don't beat around the bush about it just ask the girl she didn't give you her number for not to ask her out. The reason we give your number first is because we know we have to do the song and dance conversation and eventually wait for the guy to ask us out just do it lol

    • Thanks I'll try with new numbers and see what I get. I think they are going to push it off a little bit whe I first ask them but with a few more texts I'll ask them again.

    • I just realized you wrote "online" um for me I don't care how soon they ask for my number becasue now a days there's an app for everything and I can just block them


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  • no don't contact her for a day and then text her saying "Hey it's (Your Name) do you want to get together sometime this week for dinner?"

    • Thanks, I'll try this too, but I'm hoping they don't change there minds the next day lol. Unless I gotta strike while the iron is hot lol

  • Why would you want to do that? Just set up the date if you like her.