Is it bad to go for a good friend's sister?

So recently I went to my buddies house and his sister was home. Now I have know her for awhile. If we see each other at school we say hi. But the other night we were at a party and her and I were talking most of the time. We were both flirting with each other and she did kind of rub up against me when she was next to me and she did try reach over my body for something. She is really cool but the thing is is that she is one of my best friend's sister. Is that breaking guy code or something like that. What should I do before I get to deep?


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  • Yes it's breaking the guy code. But her best friend is fair game.

    • haha thanks for the advice


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  • no! if you really like this chick you should talk to your friend.. if he considers you a good friend then nothing to worry about, if you're not, then you best start working on that...

    whether siblings have good or bad relationships, they still care for one another, so just talk to him


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  • You can ask your friend if you really want to, honestly I have seen most high school friends seperate after graduation anyway..

    • the thing is though we have been good friends for awhile. does that make a difference

    • Well it's going to be weird, especially if you don't ask him or anything. Depending on their brother/sister relationship and/or your friend relationship he may not care... He may though, anyways up to you if you don't want to go for it just ask him if he would mind.

  • I'm thinking about this situation if it were me, and I've got a sister...

    Do not go for her.