Is it a turn off or what?

I'm 17 going into my third year of college and I was wondering if a it would weird out a guy my age?

I'm asking because I was talking to a guy who is 18 and a senior. He was hitting on me and then asked where I went to school at. I explained to him that I am attending college already, he immediately stopped hitting on me and made an excuse to walk away. Why did he do that? Is it a turn off?


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  • He was intimidated.

    ...I'm sorry, but I really want to know... How did you get into college at 14 (15?)?

    • I graduated the day after my 15th so instead of going into my second year of high school I went into my first year of college.

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    • That's pretty awesome! I'm a quick learner, too, but my brain soaks in all the information and squeezes it back out within days. lol. Congratulations, though (I'm about 3 years late, but whatever). I hope you do well!

    • Haha :) Thanks you're sweet.


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  • He was probably intimidated by that. Some guys will freak out if they feel they can't reach a girl's level.

  • no it shouldn't be the guy is just retarted

  • No he is probably a 2nd grade drop-out and you were too smart for him


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