What to do when a guy asks: Do you like me?

My good guy friend and I text a lot. Last night just out of the blue he texted "______(my name).. do you like me? It caught me completely off guard...And I don't know what to do. What do you all think? I have mixed feeling about it all. I like him, but I don't know how I would feel about a relationship right now. And I'm worried it will ruin our close friendship. And of course I think he likes me, (he at least did back in January, but since then I think he gave up on me because he became convinced I like someone else-you can read the story here if you want link ) but I have no clue for sure.


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  • Ok whatever you do, don't give him a mixed answer. You need to be sure in what you are saying as he has put you in an awkward situation but at the same time you don't wanna mess with his feelings. If he asks you do you like him and you are not sure, simply answer "hey I really like you as a FRIEND". And leave it at that. If you decide you want to take it further, only then you don't mention the friend bit and say "yeah I do like you" and make it obvious you want more than friendship. See the problem you risk by saying "I do like you, but I'm not sure about taking it further" is that he will see hope in this and say for instance you decide that you do not wanna date him then he will be upset.

    Take time out and think what you want. I would say if you do feel attracted to him and he feels, why not take that chance? I mean you know him well, you like the look of him, that is great! Besides, if you both start dating other people you will only start to feel jealous. Anyway think about what you want.


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  • i think he still have feelings for you

    though he gave up but the couldn't move on

    and most probably he was drunk when he msgd you

    people get emotional when they are drunk everyone knows

    its not easy to move on or have a friendship with a girl you like

    those feelings rise one way or another

    just tell him that you like him as a friend

    but nothing more then that

    at least not presently

  • well the question here is do you like him enough to get in a relationship with him? and if you like him that way its worth the risk on your current friendship go for it:-) .

  • You could try being honest with him.

    I know.. shocking concept for a girl, but give it a try.


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  • I say go see about dating him because I was in something like that and I said yes to going out with him and now I'm very happy because the friendship is still there