I don't care to date or try to date anymore! am I wrong?

I am a 35 year old single dad of a 8 and 6 year old I have been single since 2007 I have given up if I can't get the girls I am attracted to why bather its not worth being depressed over I know just focus on my kids the thing I like to do I don't feel the need to talk to any one and keep to my self I know its a $hity to look at it this oh well I know I am not the best speller and my grammar sucks I am NO WERE NEAR STUPID I have built some of the fastest cars you will see on the streets I can whip the best tasting food you have ever tasted and the most loyal guy you will meet I am in to beekeeping I built a still from stuff I had laying around and to top it off I thought my self to read at 16 with auto repair books in 6 months as for my looks I know I am not the best dressed and over weight I don't care any more I tried losing it nothing worked why should to change for some one else and not be happy .

am I wrong to think this way


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  • You are not wrong. However, you need to personally ask yourself: Am I REALLY happy being alone or would I PREFER being with a woman. I sincerely doubt it's the former in your case, and that you are merely trying to find reasons to avoid dealing with the pains and struggles of dating.


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  • i don't think you're wrong, but, as someone hinted at below--I don't think you're being entirely honest with yourself. What you should do make sure your standards for a lady falls at your own level of motivation. So if you're overweight and do not care to change, maybe you could find a nice overweight lady who would be interested. I know you shouldn't change for someone and make yourself unhappy... but, are you really happy now?


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