How do I get over our relationship so I don't get the awkward moments when we hang out?

OK this question goes to the guys but ladies your input is appreciated. alright now I talked to my ex and she said that we were just friends which is cool and there is no problem there. but here's the thing I can't seem to get over her. if I attempt to see other women I feel like I am cheating and I've never cheated and don't plan to so my question is how do I get over our relationship so I don't get the awkward moments when we hang out?


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  • This is a casual-affect type of incident. Causal being your attachment to your ex which has caused you to even question your commitment towards your current girlfriend. The affect is the mentally daunting task of not having the right solution but the solution is easily manageable (not fixable) but still manageable. This is what you should do: one, separate your past from your present because what has passed already did so she accepted and now it is your turn to accept it - it cannot go anywhere from there unless you really intend it. Are you intending? Answer to yourself that question. Finally, learn that they are called an ex for a reason. An example of a failed past. An extremely uncomfortable moment can pass. An exceedingly post-humorous time apart indefinitely beyond the scope of a consensual relationship. Good Luck

    -Nick Halden


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  • I couldent hang out with an ex, especially if I still love him.


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  • You have to cut contact until you are done with her. Don't go milling through old photos or looking at her Facebook that just brings back memories that make it more difficult and painful to move on. You have to realize you don't actually need them to enjoy life. do things. When you understand taht and can just chill with some friends and have a good time then you can worry about making a just friends thing work.

    Sometimes going out and having a good time works well too. You have to remember you aren't cheating no matter how weird it feels.

    Also take down anything she has made or given you from your room or walls so you aren't seeing it daily.

  • Because you're not "just friends"