My boyfriend and I got into a fight?

My boyfriend is 17 and I am 18 we have been together a year and a half. I got mad at him because he works everyday, he helps his uncle around his house. My boyfriend picks his own hours and everything. So its not like he can't take a day or half day off. I haven't seen him in a week so I asked if he would take off a day and he said he can't and I say why and he said because I don't want to..So I said OK and then I said will you call me tonight and he said yes. So we texted until then after like 2 or 3 hours I said will you call me now and he said no I am not calling u, so I called him and he got mad and he stayed in the same room as his mom and dad, so they could hear us fighting on purpose. I asked him to go to a different room and he said no, you called me so I am not leaving the room. He knows that I don't like people knowing our business but he stayed anyway. He just kept saying hurtful things to me. And I got so mad that I said I f***king hated him, and hung up, but I really don't hate him he just made me so mad! So then he texted me and said if you hate me we are done. I said that I really don't hate him and that I love him, and I couldn't live without him. He said OK, I said sorry, and everything and asked if we are still done and he said no we are fine. But he never said sorry for all the hurtful things he said to me..What should I do?


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  • hes usng excuses to be abusive.

    it doesn't matter if he's overwhelmed. he's being completely inappropriate.

    also why dud you call him, after he sad he didn't want to talk

    you may love him, but I dnt see mch mutual respect, in the relationship.

    if I was u, d dump him. he threatened u, but never addressed the problem,. he did that on purpose to get out of what he'd done.

    he knows why you said you hate him, that wasn't the issue. he just got you to drop it, by him saying he'd leave u.

    u can't force him to spend time with u. that's his choice. your choice is whether you want to stay.

    & he has no right to talk to you that way.. it really should be pointed out. clearly. to him.


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  • So you're telling him how to run his job because you're lonely. Wow!

  • Ignore him for a bit, don't know why but he seems to be very confused and overwhelmed perhaps.


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  • Why don't you try and help with with the work around his uncles house? I would if I was in a situation like this, plus I like to help, lol. If you helped, you can still be around him.