Do woman lust over a man? Do attractive woman lust like men?

I see their are differences between both sexes but my question is do you lust over a guy who you feel you can't have? And by differences I believe woman aren't about looks their more about financial situation and social status unlike men do you guys agree?


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  • The only guy I ever dated who had 'a lot' of money, was a jerk. I didn't date him for the money, but he made me feel like guys who do have a lot of flow, feel super entitled to have things just how they want them, including women. Life doesn't work that way, sometimes you get it, sometimes you don't. So, I wouldn't say no to a date just because he had a lot of cash, but it would make me more leery of him. If I lust after a guy, it's because he has the life of the party persona, people gravitate to him, and, he is extremely good looking. I'm looking for emotional connection and physical attraction. I'm not so big on being main stream social, I'm more into the underground scene no matter where I am. So, social status means nothing to me. You gain status with me by first, meeting my expectations, then being excepted by my friends and family. I tend to choose guys who don't look very clean cut. So, it can take my family a little while to get past the exterior, and realize what I saw from the beginning, a great heart. <3 I've been engaged for half a year, and at the beginning of the relationship both my folks told me they hope the relationship doesn't last very long. Ouch, right? I love making everyone happy but to do that I have to make myself happy first, it's taken a long time for me to figure that out. Now that they see how happy I am, they are happy for me too. Sorry for the rant, getting off topic a bit, haha.

    • We men don't have it that easy from my p.o.v I'm single and been wondering if men really are not desired by woman all I see is men need to be thankful to have a girlfriend.

    • I have to be thankful for my guy, too . . . There are hardships and bonuses to either side of the fence.

    • Im happy you showed me something and taught me something thank you. really appreciate it.


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  • Yes we do lust after men, even when we know it won't work out. More often than not it has nothing to do with Money or status either. It's more of establishing a connection a kind of unspoken communication best way I can explain it anyway.

  • I do at times.

  • yes I lust after men. it isn't about status or about looks completely. with certain men I just feel a certain chemistry. obviously they aren't ugly to me but for a woman it is about that "chemistry", it is a mix of pheromones and how he makes you feel.


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