What should I do if she doesn't get back to me til last minute

So this girl and I have been flirting a bit over text and I asked her to do something with me the next night and she says possibly because she might hang out with her friend which I'm cool with but she waits til 5pm the night I asked her to do something and says she'll take a raincheck. I'm kind of annoyed by the lateness of the answer. Should I write her off or should I give her another chance? What should I respond to her message with?


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  • I have very often found that when people don't commit to an invitation immediately it's because they're holding out to see if something better comes along. It would seem there's a good possibility that her hanging with the friend was more appealing to her than going out with you.

    Personally, I find it rude when people wait til the last minute to let me know what they want to do. I deserve more respect than that and so do you. So write her off!

    I would opt not to respond to her message at all.


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  • I would just let her be for awile. She doesn't seem all that interested. What she did was rude. Don't put up with it.

  • I would say let her be and leave the ball in her court to show and prove that she is in fact interested in you and if she doesn't her loss...continue doing you.


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