Do you think am shallow?

So I had this problem where people give me speeches on how I should NOT have a type or prefrence when it comes to dating

Im mainly attracted to white guys. I like the blond (or brown) hair, blue eyed look. I'm attracted to that most of the time. It's not that I refuse to date anyone else. If I met a guy who I'm attracted to with a great personality I would go out with them. I just like lighter features on guys, especially with eye color

Also if a guy is my type, but has a bad personality I would never go out with him...

People (mainly guys) have called me names for this. It's starting to bother me.

1) is it so bad to have a type?

2) why do people care if you have a type?

I just think we can't help who you are attracted to


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  • No you don't really sound shallow. Your just looking for an attraction what's I think most people do on both sides guys and girls. You just know what you want attraction wise and personality wise it seems, however since you have in narrowed down you'll just have to wait until what your looking for walks into your life. Me personally, I think personality is the most important but I also look for someone I'm attracted to, but I'm attracted to a lot of types of girls but they need to have the personality I'm looking for which is what I seem to be more picky with.

    • Sorry for my spelling mistakes, I typed fast and didn't read it over, hopefully you made sense out of that!

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    • It was good enough. Don't get down! :) mistakes are perfection, and perfection is a mistake

    • If I was going for perfection when it comes to spelling and grammar, I've already lost before I started! I just don't like reading something I wrote and realizing it doesn't make sense because I somehow put a word in there that doesn't belong and I DO IT AL THE TIME! Ok, I'm done, I'm not getting down, I'm smiling see :)


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  • Just from reading the first sentence, people should not tell you about your preferences.

    Go with what you like, screw the rest.

  • Is it mostly guys that aren't white or white girls that prefer guys outside of their race that tell you this?

    • Guys of all looks

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    • The only people who don't care are the guys who are my type

      Some guys who ask who aren't my type are the ones who say it

      I get it every once in a while from family

    • There you go. They want to be included. Not sure why your family is persuading you for something.

      I have heard much worse than what you've said to be honest, so it's all good in my book. Don't know why they care to be included so much.

What Girls Said 2

  • You're being called shallow probably by guys who don't fit your standards. The problem is not with you.

  • I think its normal for people to have a type they are attracted to more, but because you are so how do you say persistent about only dating your type people might see you as too narrowminded and maybe since you said its mainly guys the ones who aren't your type are upset because they think they'll never have a chance.