Should I hook-up with this guy?

hook-up= making out NOT SEX

we met online he says he's here on business and wants me to come to this hotel room. I told him lets meet at a bar or restaurant somewhere and he said he's good with that. Only thing is I'm 21 and have never made out or kissed any guy before no boyfriend. I really just want to get this kiss thing over with so a guy I really like or want to approach won't flip out if I ever get a date. Yes I know I sound so desperate but everyone else I know has kissed, had sex and everything and I feel like a stupid loser.


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  • Yeah go ahead, forget what others say or do, go for what you want. It's not that big of a deal anyways when you look at the big picture.

    • is it safe tho, because I've never met him? And I don't even know his lastname LOL

    • Well just make sure it's in a safe environment. Carry pepper spray just in case!

    • It IS that big of a deal if he tries to rape her or assault her!


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  • Honey, do not meet this man. If you want to kiss someone, ask someone around you, anyone. Even a neighbor. Don't meet a stranger to get a kiss. If you meet him, he will be wanted a lot more than a kiss.

  • Do you really think he's going to be satisfied with a kiss? I guess you haven't been around many men.

  • Yeah, you're pretty lame.


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  • He's probably expecting more than kissing, especially if he originally invited you to his hotel room. There's nothing wrong with wanting to just meet up with someone to have fun but here's my recommendations to try and keep yourself safe

    1) It's good idea to meet in a public place. Keep it in a public place

    2) Set the ground rules ASAP (no sex). Don't hint at it, just put it out there plain and simple.

    3) tell someone where you're going. They don't need all the details, just that you're going out to wherever, and to check up on you at a certain time if you don't contact them.

    4) leave all the info you have on this guy in an accessible area for someone to find (name, work, phone number, email, picture, etc)

    It might sound a little paranoid, but better to assume he's a serial killer and be safe than to just disappear for a few years and be found in a ditch. Have fun :)

  • DO NOT MEET THIS MAN! You have no idea who he is or what his intentions are! It could start out with a kiss then he could push for more, then you are stuck in a a BAD situation that you may not be able to control.

    There is something really amazing about a first kiss, so save it for someone you care about. He won't give a crap if you haven't kissed anyone before, he will probably actually find it appealing.

    However, if you don't want to wait, then ask a friend or someone you know to kiss you.

    There are a lot of predators out there and I don't want something bad to happen to you!

    • I even told him to send a proper pic of himself, like one with his shirt on LOL and where I can see his face. He keeps telling me he did never got in the email. And I was even like "send me one so I know your not a serial killer or anything haha" his direct response was "I'll send it tmrw" and I still havent' gotten anything.

    • BIG RED FLAG! Stay away from this man!

  • Please do not meet this guy. He will definitely expect more and you don't know where his mouth has been. You could catch something or get raped. Even meeting up with him is not the best idea. This just sounds like a very bad idea all because you want to get your first kiss over with.