Guy gets upset at me for looking away from him on a date?

a guy I am dating and I were out at a restaurant and I am the type who is easily distracted. the place was crowded so a bunch of times I would turn my head to look at what was going on, especially when I heard a noise.

whenever I did that he would ask "what's the matter" or "why are you looking away" or something like that...why?

he keeps his eyes firmly locked on me pretty much the whole time, and his body language seems very engaged...eyes right into mine, leaning in, looking very interested, attentive, etc.


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  • Depends on how much you do it. If someone does it often it will be seen as a sign of disinterest. When out on a date, most of your attention should be on each other. If it is only a few times he may be insecure, or he may just be having a hard time reading you.


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  • Maybe he thought that you weren't interested in the interaction with him and that's why you were looking away. Kinda smells like insecurity a little bit to me.

  • thats an attention seeker you are talking about

    those type of people never change

    so decide if you want to continue with him or not

  • He's taking things too seriously...


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