Should I try to continue things with this girl or leave her be?

So this girl who I work with and I have liked each other since about the middle of May. We talked and flirted every day but nothing else happened until about the first week of July. During that week we finally spent every day together and started holding hands. She told me that she liked me too much and wouldn't stop any time soon. She also mentioned that she wanted to start dating at the end of summer. I took her on our first official date after that week (we had hung out plenty but never just the two of us). Unfortunately I ended up making a couple mistakes on the date (not major stuff but enough to make her rethink things with me). I apologized for my mistakes and I figured that since she liked me so much shed be will ing to give me a second chance. However she stopped talking to me completely. She avoids me at work and only talks to me when she has to. I just don't understand how she could say she liked me so much and talked about dating and won't give me a second chance. All this happened three weeks ago and I've just been trying to give her space. I tried to talk things out with her once but she shut down on me and said she had to rethink things but still wanted to be friends and we could possibly work out sometime later. I can tell she has to feel something because of how she acts at work. She's also done stuff to make me jealous like posting pictures of her with other guys. Maybe she's upset that I'm not showing how much I want her back. I just don't want to come across as needy even though it's tearing me up inside that we aren't how things used to be. I can't imagine that a girl can shut those feelings off so quickly so does anyone have any advice for me? All of my friends say to forget her and find someone else but I don't want to cause I really think she's worth it. Any advice on what to do?


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  • 1 ask her on a date OK not a date but say you want to chat someone apologize and talk to her. 2 walk away


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  • id say if you like her that much, you shouldn't go down without a fight. don't pressure her into going out with you, but just enough that shows her that you really like her. if she still doesn't talk to you, its time to move on. remind her of what you guys were, or all those times she said that she really likes you.