If I text a girl and she doesn't text me back?

OK this girl and I have been talking for about a month now, and we walk to class together sometimes. The conversation is pretty good, no air in the conversation. I kind of like her, and she seems to be into me as well. I say this because she if she wasn't that into me why would she walk with me... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • If she hasn't texted you back she might be busy or she might not want to seem too eager. It could mean you took it all the wrong way and she doesn't like you, or at least not in that way. The girl sounds a lot like someone I know, except the person I know doesn't text a lot. I wouldn't give up just yet. Keep it casual, but don't presume she is not into you just because you didn't get a reply right away. Give it a while. If she doesn't text back maybe ask her in person to hang out. If she says no or gives you an excuse let it go. You said she is soft spoken. Maybe hanging out makes her nervous but she doesn't want you to know. Maybe that's why she texts so much and laughs, maybe that's how she communicates. There is no one right answer. You'll have to give it time and try to figure it out.