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If I text a girl and she doesn't text me back?

OK this girl and I have been talking for about a month now, and we walk to class together sometimes. The conversation is pretty good, no air in the... Show More

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  • If she hasn't texted you back she might be busy or she might not want to seem too eager. It could mean you took it all the wrong way and she doesn't like you, or at least not in that way. The girl sounds a lot like someone I know, except the person I know doesn't text a lot. I wouldn't give up just yet. Keep it casual, but don't presume she is not into you just because you didn't get a reply right away. Give it a while. If she doesn't text back maybe ask her in person to hang out. If she says no or gives you an excuse let it go. You said she is soft spoken. Maybe hanging out makes her nervous but she doesn't want you to know. Maybe that's why she texts so much and laughs, maybe that's how she communicates. There is no one right answer. You'll have to give it time and try to figure it out.

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  • Not really, she could have forgotten, I know I have before. Don't bring up that you didn't get a reply next time you see her, maybe you should ask her in person if she wants to do something. From that response maybe you'll be able to see if she really is into you or not.

  • she probably wants you to wonder where she is and what she's doing and who she's with and stuff.

    Trust me, Imma girl, so I know. [;


  • well texting always has a confusing outcome but there are many possible ideas with text.

    for example mabey she wants to see if you text her again or mabey she doesn't like you that way.

    Either way sometimes girls just play hard to get

  • Could be she is religious and can't have boys texting her? Could be she gave you her number cause she did not want to say no to you (peer pressure nt that you were pressuring her) I would say she likes you & enjoys your company. She could be into you but maybe she has rules at home - no boys texting, maybe she deleted the text so her parents could not find out - some parents check their kids phones every nite.

    Are the friends she is texting all female?

    I noticed your comment she does go to church.

    She has nt mentioned your text perhaps she can't talk to boys, or date and does not want you to know this yet - You say she is soft spoken so keep talkin to her at school until you find out what's up.

    • Don't get me wrong, we text back and forth, it's just that when I text her if she wants to hang out, that's when I didn't get a reply. But all the other times I text her she replied.

    • Maybe she can't hang due to religious reasons

  • Just ask her in school. When she walks youto class.

    Say "Hey, Did you get my text the other day?".

    I woul'dnt say she's not into you or something,

    • Well we're on spring break right now, so I won't see her for a week.

  • I haven't read the other responses, but I'd say probably because she didn't want to seem to eager. That is, if she's interested.

  • It doesn't completely mean that she doesn't like you. But, prepare for the worst (just in-case) This happened to a friend of mine. He liked her for the longest time, finally asked her out and he was avoided. Hint: she didn't like him. But, maybe she just doesn't want to be in a relationship or she is thinking about it. Or maybe, she just doesn't like you. If you say she likes to text a lot, and suddenly she doesn't text you back, that may be a problem. Just don't give up, but don't seem to eager. Just go with the flow. Hope all works out. =)

  • If I were you I would try calling and if she doesn't answer don't stress give her a little time to think about things and if she is not into you'll know.

  • I text a lot, usually only with a few people because I know them well. If I don't know someone as well, I will reply for a little bit then stop replying because I don't know them that well. Texting isn't the best way to get to know someone. Depending on the amount of people she texts, she could be pre-occupied with texting all her friends, and could have missed your text. If she saw your text later, she could think it's too late to respond to you about it.

    Although with the hanging out part... if she doesn't hang out with dudes a lot she may feel nervous about the situation, especially if she likes you.

  • Honestly, probably yes.

    If I'm not interested in a guy who is CLEARLY interested in me, I won't text back, or I'll text back but just short, uninterested answers.

  • did she ever write back?

    • Nah, it's cool now. I have been talking to her (face to face) more and I've come to the conclusion that she's probably a little shy or nervous. I asked her if she got my text, but she said she didn't get it. So I think it's just her shyness.

  • No not necessarily. It may not have gone through. This happens to me. People text me and I don't get it or I text someone and they never get it. She may also be debating what to do, because she may be shy when it comes to relationships/people she likes. Ask her in person and see how she acts.

    • Ur answer was good too, Flower04 just put it in more detail.

  • your probably out of luck... sorry. find another girl... she doesn't want you in her pants.

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  • The short answer is yes. Next time you walk to class with her or hang out with her, don't bring up the fact she didn't respond. I've dealt with girls like this all the time. They are not bad or mean, they are just busy. They typically have a ton of girl friends and parties not to mention tons of guys around the campus that are eyeing them. It has nothing to do with you its just a sensory overload for young girls.

    If you talk with her again and she brings up not responding totally blow it off and say no big deal.

    I would try it one more time. But next time you text her, have a specific request and make sure its something she could maybe bring her friends to. Example "Hey, my friends and I are going to (name local college bar with live music here) and thought you might want to come?"

    Another option would be to text her in class. Wait for the prof to say something stupid or make some hard core assignment and text "can you believe this asshole" Sometimes a casual text is all it takes to get her to respond.

    Hopefully this helps. I went through a large group of girls in college and that's the mentality I found works best. No matter how hot or cool they are, never forget that they are eyeing their options just as much as you are. Your best chance of success is to make the girls feel like they are competing for your attention and not the other the way around.

    • @tcuwhit wise words!

  • what if she texts me back everytime, but she does not ask anything about me. She answeres my questions, but she never asks any question back to me. What does this mean?

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