He always just stops texting back what's the deal?

So this guy I really have a thing for randomly doesn't text me back after a while. I'll text him and we'll talk for a while and then he doesn't text back after a while. I wonder why..


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  • Hahahahahaha (cough cough) sorry for the laughter but I get this a lot. The best thing about relationships is that it is two way. I just don't think he cares. Am joking but I think he cares ,you just have to let him know how you feel. And how do you do that. You could stand I front of his face with megaphone and tell me. Or next time,he is texting just do what he does. Stop texting midway. When he asks, say you were busy. Only say you also do the same after he asks(very crucial). This works ,always make things two way. This just lets the other person how you feel. because if this person cared,he would text you something like sorry Hun ,have to go.


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  • Life gets in the way.

    He has to take care of something, another thing came up, many possibilities.

  • Because texting isn't meant to get an instant answer. If you want instant, call him.


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