Hook up... Failure? My friend is a jerk

Me and my friend went on a "double date" with these two girls.

My friend hooked up with one of the girls and me and the other girl were just starting to. We were kissing and then my friend started throwing rocks. The girl I was kissing got up and went to her car and then we all left.

Idk what I should say to her?

She said that we will hang out again once I get back home in a few days.

Should I say something to her like, "screw my friend, I still had fun kissing"? I need help haha


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  • just say something like "well that was a fun ending to my night, before ____ threw those rocks" or something ha ha to let her know that you liked kissing her, and you want to do it again.

    honestly, in that situation, I'd be paranoid that your friend threw the rocks to "save" you from kissing me because you weren't interested... so let her know that you are!


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  • The post is a little confusing... What are you referring to in terms of your friend's "hooking up," for example?


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  • No need for explanations. You were just having fun. She will let you know her feelings soon enough and she already knows yours, so relax.