My boyfriend yells at me constantly?

So I've been with this guy for over a year. I've known him for much longer tho roughly 6 years... We were great together at first and still are most of the time but he seems to have days were just everything Ido is wrong to him... Like tonight for example I lost my bank card and we were about to go out for supper ( its my turn to pay we take turns) and it took me forever to find it because my roommate cleaned the house and moved my wallet that I left on the table it only took me like 10 minutes to find but then I got in the car and said sorry for taking so long and explained what happened and he flipped at me saying I was stupid and a idiot and I said sorry again and he just continued to ramble on about how horrible I am and even called me a bitch when I got frustrated and asked him to stop... But other times he's the polar opposite but it takes one little thing and his entire personality changes its like I'm dating Dr jeckle and mister hyde so what could make him like this? I know he loves me he had tried to getwith me for 6 years before I even gave him a chance and is the sweetest boyfriend ever other times? Could he be bipolar? And if so how do I help him with that without Pissing him off ? Thoughts? Please help?

Also I should point out that he was never like this before ever I seen him mad before but he was never vocally abusive like he is now? I am pregnant with his kid but I don't think its stress from becoming a father because he started this before we found out and he's thrilled about being a dad now... His anger is starting to scare me to the point that I'm scared he will start hitting me or worse his anger will be directed at our daughter someday which I really don't want


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  • You love him to death, literally. being with someone who does not respect you, is deathening to your soul.

    just from the title d say break up with him. you don't want to, you love hi, & you don't want to tell him he has to stop, are you will leave,m because ull come across as a bitch.

    seriously. he's being a complete ass face, for no reason & you're worried ull seem not nice, if you tell him to stop disrespecting u.

    imo, you BOTH ned therapy. he's yelling at u, because you let him. by staying with him even tho he yells at u. end of story.

    make him stop, or leave him. otherwise, youre. letting. him. yell. at. you. all. the. time.

    he never did it before has no bering on him doing it now. if I never raped anyone before, it doesn't mean what I did was any less hurrendous, than if I had. certainly not to that person. or my soul.

    deal with the present. not with how he used to be, not what you think hell think of you,. deal with what is going on, now.

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      Excuse me... I did not ask this question to be put down by strangers too... Your making a hard situation into a black and white one... And when I say I don't want to come off as a bitch when I try to help him I mean come off as a bitch to him you know make matters worse and make his anger worse towards me then it already is when I'm trying to help him.I don't believe in solving anger with anger or giving up on someone I love because they are having a hard time or have something wrong with them..

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      And I also Don't "LET" him yell at me.. I just don't egg it on.. I'm pregnant stress and working myself up is bad for my baby... So instead of feeding the flame I walk away from it... there is a big difference I don't sit there and take it..